Closing the Racial Wealth Gap with Education

Ruby L. Taylor, Founder of Financial Joy School and LEGACY! Card Game

  • Maya Angelou once said, “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” This quote came to mind when I heard Ruby Taylor’s story. In 2012, her career as a school social worker was put to a stop by a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. “My desire to educate and uplift didn’t die when my career ended, it was just redirected,” she tells me.

“The car accident plunged me into a financial crisis: I was on the verge of losing my condo and unable to pay for insurance or medicine. One of my former students’ parents found out and she asked me what happened to my savings and investments. When I explained that I didn’t have any, she asked, why not? My simple but true response was that I did not know I needed it.

“She proceeded to offer her husband’s help to teach me about investments and why it is important. They introduced me to compound interest, IRA, mutual funds, stocks, and the need to invest long term. My newfound education inspired me to spread the word to my friends and family.”

And so, the Financial Joy School was born…

Spreading Financial Joy

By 2053 the median net worth for black people will be $0, according to a report by Prosperity Now. Ruby had witnessed first hand the difference that wealth education can make, so founding the Financial Joy School and passing on financial knowledge is her way of helping build generational wealth for black communities and closing the racial wealth gap.

Financial Joy School is an online education center and marketplace that uses the power of financial knowledge to bring together connections, application, and education to establish generational wealth for black families.

“We will have giveaways to build wealth, free seminars to build financial knowledge, a marketplace to create connections and fun and joy to create the life the black community deserves,” says Ruby.

There is an emphasis on fun on this course, with seminars “fun, entertaining experts who know how to make finances interesting and bring joy to wealth building,” according to the website. Topics covered include, ‘What is Investing?’, ‘How Do You Invest?’ and ‘What is a Will’ – all with actionable insights and takeaways.

The fun element incorporates one of Ruby’s other passion projects, LEGACY! Card Game, which was launched in December 2020. The card game teaches players about investing concepts and career possibilities while celebrating diversity.

The game exposes children to careers they may not otherwise be aware of, while letting them know how much money they can make in different careers. Players then get the opportunity to invest their money, teaching them the importance of making money work for you.

Keeping the faith

Ruby has always been an educator and a supporter of young people. From her first job as a social worker to setting up the Financial Joy School, she is invested in teaching, but also in hearing what they have to say. “I learned young people are resilient and their voice is powerful, when we take the time to listen,”  she says.

Some of that resilience can indeed be seen in a young Ruby as well. In her youth, she suffered sexual abuse, and her brother was murdered at just 16, when Ruby was 14. And her family was involved in another near fatal car accident that left her parents hospitalised for a long period of time. But she has not let it stop her.

“All of the traumas taught me to lean on my faith and over time life gets a little better and continuous healing occurs. Every situation taught me life gets brighter no matter the struggle, if we keep the faith and believe the struggles will not kill us but it will empower us to make our world a better place for us all.”

She has turned her struggle into success in setting up her businesses, and she hasn’t let being a woman in a “men’s’ club” put her off. “Some women can feel intimidated because often the business world is dominated by the men’s’ club and many want it to stay that way. Those systems create unnecessary obstacles which can create intimidation in order to keep the status quo. But change is still coming for the better.”

This optimism and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel shines through everything Ruby does and says. Even her emails are signed off with ‘Never Give Up On Your Dreams’.  She’s not giving up on hers any time soon…

You can find more information about the Financial Joy School at: and LEGACY! Card Game at

Quick Fire Questions

            •           Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Morning all the way, the night time has nothing to offer me but sleep

                •              What’s your spirit animal? – Dove

                •              What TV series can you watch again and again?  I am not a TV person, but if I had to pick it would be House Hunters

                •              What book do you always recommend to others? –  Knowing, a great romantic book and Breakfast with Jesus

                •              Snack of choice? – Ice Cream

                •              Favourite gadget? – IPhone

                •              Favourite vacation spot? – Rio

                •              Do you have a hidden talent/party trick? – Still working on it…

                •              Biggest weakness? – Trying to help too many people.

                •              Your favourite female icon? – Oprah Winfrey

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